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After decades of deforestation and burning, we risk the Amazon slowly turning into a desert. This trend is only exacerbated by climate change. 

We are compensating for the destruction with tree planting. Join our reforestation campaign and donate trees to restore the rainforest.

The goal is to replant 10,000 trees in the indigenous territory of CIBAPA, home to both the Chiquitano and Guarasugwé peoples. 

Battlefield gone green


The job of a forest ranger is one that varies widely depending on location, but it is rarely considered life-threatening, unlike professions such as police officers or firefighters. However, deep within the Amazon Rainforest, where the stakes are high and the dangers are real, the role of a forest ranger takes on an utterly dangerous dimension.

How we create change

Climate Change Adaptation & Ecosystem Management​

Territorial Governance & New Tech

Enviromental Education & Awareness


Strengthen local communities' resilience to climate change, market fluctuations, and profit-driven pressure on natural resources found on their land by promoting sustainable forest livelihoods and diversification capacities

Strengthening the territorial integrity and rights of rural and indigenous communities and civil society groups by promoting rights-based approaches to conservation


Increasing children and young people's knowledge to take responsibility for solving environmental problems by promoting youth engagement in nature conservation

Wildfire Mitigation & Management


Enhancing communities' wildfire adaptation capacities by promoting sustainable approaches to wildfire mitigation and management

Framework Strategy 2022-2025

EAA Strategy 2022-2025_forside.png

New four-year strategy with a focus on Economy, Partnerships, Communication & Organization. 

Annual Report 2023

AKAM annual 2023_FORSDIDE.png

Get to know the SAFCA alliance, read about our climate resilience and environmental education initiatives, and learn about the critical climatic situation the Amazon Rainforest is in.

Join us

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Be part of an organization actively working for a rich and clean environment, benefiting and bringing joy to life on Earth.

Support regularly


With a fixed amount, you provide long-term and consistent support for nature.

Make a contribution


Regardless of the form of support you choose, we ensure that it is used where it can have the greatest impact.

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