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Celebrating a decade fighting for the Amazon

Aktion Amazonas celebrates 10 years of fighting for the Amazon with greetings from our Director and Co-founder, partners and CISU - Civil Society in Development - Denmark's largest memberbased organisation for organisations engaged in global civil society work


In 2014, Aktion Amazonas convened its inaugural general assembly in premises borrowed from Care Denmark. Present were Bolivia’s ambassador and a group of committed enthusiasts.

A prevailing sentiment among attendees was frustration over the devastation of indigenous communities and loss of biodiversity. There was a collective realization that mere donations and discussions were no longer sufficient to support the Amazon rainforest. We aspired to develop ambitious projects and secure substantial funding to enact real change.

Our objective then, as it remains today, is to conserve as much tropical forest as possible by promoting and establishing natural, productive landscapes interconnected on regional scales. We aim to curb the escalating deforestation and mitigate its dire consequences for the environment, biodiversity, and climate.

Ensuring a greener world for future generations necessitates steadfast dedication.

From the outset, our focus has been on the central-western part of the Amazon, which has suffered relatively less from deforestation. Our aim was to establish a stronghold from which we could expand the fight for the Amazon. After 10 years, we have consolidated our presence in the region, known as ”The Grand Arco of Tropical Forest in Central Western South America,” and continue to advocate tirelessly for rainforest preservation.

Our journey has been long and demanding, requiring unwavering belief from all involved, particularly from partners who forged long-term relationships with a fledgling organization. These partnerships have been indispensable for our growth. Without their expertise and faith in Aktion Amazonas, we could not have fulfilled our mission to safeguard tropical forests.

Today, Aktion Amazonas stands as a robust organization with extensive project involvement across South America. In alliance with three formidable partners, we contribute to the protection of over 2 million hectares of rainforest in Peru and Bolivia. The transformation from concept to organization has only been possible thanks to the steadfast support of our members, volunteers, and partners over the past decade.

A heartfelt thank you to all who have been part of Aktion Amazonas over the last ten years. We hope you will continue to join us in our ongoing fight for the Amazon.

Kind regards

Toke Nyborg



Dedication and high professionalism shine through strongly, and always have, in our encounters with Aktion Amazonas. Almost to the point where advisors are completely dazzled, asking ourselves – why are we even here?
Fortunately, we do occasionally have a few good points to contribute, and it is always a great pleasure to meet with people who not only bring their professionalism but also their whole heart and personal commitment.
From CISU’s perspective, we hope that you can continue to engage and bring people on board who are wholeheartedly committed to the work for climate, nature, and the environment in the Amazon region.
Unfortunately, your work is becoming even more relevant as the challenges facing the region are severe.
Together with your skilled partners, you have taken up the fight, and it is a fight you must win. You should continue to pursue your
approach to alliance-building and get as many people on your side as possible.
We look forward to following you in the many upcoming victories on behalf of climate, nature, and the environment.

Anders Reimer Larsen Advisor in CISU



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