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Together for forest

The South American Forest Conservation Alliance (SAFCA) is formed with the aim of strengthening international collaboration for the conservation of the Amazon and adjacent forest ecosystems, enabling large-scale projects and long-term commitment, and enhancing the conservation impacts and sustainability of investments in conservation efforts.


Underpinned by scientific research, the alliance collaborates to strengthen community-driven forest conservation and exert political influence on governments to halt deforestation with a vision to sustainably preserve South America's tropical forest ecosystems for the benefit of biodiversity, people, and the climate.

SAFCA vision paper

Alliance partners in South America

Fundación para la Conservación del Bosque Chiquitano (FCBC)

Working in the Chiquitano forest in the Santa Cruz region of eastern Bolivia.

Conservación Amazónica - ACEAA         


Working in the Amazon rainforest in the Pando region in northwestern Bolivia.

Conservación Amazónica – ACCA         


Working in the Amazon rainforest in the Madre de Dios region in eastern Peru on the border with Bolivia.


The cooperation is based on three mutually dependent strategic initiatives, anchored in a Vision Paper document and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):


Building sustainable and resilient livelihoods that protect standing forests and strengthen environmental governance that improves protection and management of natural resources.


Creating and strengthening sustainable management and governance of protected areas to protect critical ecosystems and biodiversity.


Linking protected areas and productive landscapes to ensure ecological connectivity essential for species survival.


The alliance primarily operates in areas where both threat levels and natural values are high to ensure the greatest possible positive impact on biodiversity and local forest communities.

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A steering committee composed of members appointed from each alliance organization establishes frameworks, allocates decision-making powers, and communicates the alliance's work to partners.

Four-year framework strategies outline the direction of SAFCA's work, deeply rooted in a Memorandum of Understanding.  Annual alliance conferences are held to ensure progress, anchoring, and the inclusion of skills, knowledge, and experiences across SAFCA in efforts to realize the alliance's vision.

Professionalism, Solidarity, and Transparency are core values that characterize the alliance's collaboration, while the principle of Long-term and Equitable partnerships forms the core of the cooperation: We all work together to preserve the forests in South America, and we will only achieve the goal by including all skills and experiences, allowing for synergies, and promoting local ownership of nature-based solutions to the global climate and biodiversity crisis. We do not provide North-to-South assistance. Development work is carried out in partnerships. We believe this approach best contributes to sustainable change.

Regions of interventions

SAFCA_regions of intervention_beskåret.png
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