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Become a part of Aktion Amazonas

Are you passionate about development and nature conservation, and do you have experience in managing international projects, communication, or financial management, or a relevant academic background in any of the mentioned fields?


For our secretariat in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, we are continuously looking for volunteers with a relevant academic or professional background, good language skills in Spanish and English, preferably with practical experience in development projects, communication, private donor fundraising, or finance.


Experience in positions within green or humanitarian NGOs in Denmark or abroad is appreciated.​

Organization and Responsibilities

The secretariat is organized around three teams: Finance, Programs, and Communication:

  • The Finance team is responsible for budget and accounting. 

  • The Programs team is responsible for the design, development, and management of collaborative projects with partners in South America. 

  • The Communication team is responsible for member communication and campaigns. 

Engagement with Aktion Amazonas will involve close contact with partners in South America and regular project and partner visits. Ongoing partner contact usually takes place in the evening due to time differences.

At least once a month, everyone gathers for a joint coordinating secretariat meeting.

​Working hours are flexible, and it is possible to hold a full-time job alongside volunteering for Aktion Amazonas.

Volunteer meetings are scheduled outside of normal working hours.

​For more information, please contact Finance and Program Director Nazaret Fernandez at email

You can also join Aktion Amazonas' Resource Bank of professionals who, on an ad-hoc basis, assist the secretariat in solving specific tasks and provide professional advice.


We are continuously seeking professional advice in areas such as biology, nature conservation, agronomy, as well as finance, design, and digital communication.

For more information, please contact Finance and Project Manager Nazaret Fernandez at email

Become a Pro Bono Advisor

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