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This is how we are structured

The General Assembly is the highest authority of the organization. The General Assembly elects the board, which oversees overall management and ensures a sound organization in close collaboration and consultation with the executive management and key functions in the secretariat. The board consists of five members selected based on competencies and diversity.

The responsibility for daily administration and leadership is carried out by the executive management in close coordination with the board, partners, and the steering committee for the South American Forest Conservation Alliance (SAFCA). The director also represents the organization to decision-makers and the public.


The Executive Director and the Director of Finance and Programs constitute the executive management, supported in their daily work by professional volunteers and paid staff.


In addition, a number of volunteer resource persons assist with specialized advice, capacity building for partners, and quality assurance of project applications on an ad hoc basis.

The secretariat is organized around three teams: Finance, Programs, and Communication:

  • The Finance team is responsible for budget and accounting.

  • The Programs team is responsible for the design, development, and management of collaborative projects with partners in South America.

  • The Communication team is responsible for member communication and campaigns.

Aktion Amazonas' Bylaws

General Assembly Minutes

Anti-corruption & Irregularities Policy

AKAM Organistational Structure_web.png

Safeguading Policy

The Board

Our board consists of a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer, and up to two board members – all elected at the general assembly.  


It is the board's responsibility to: 1) Ensure a responsible organization. 2) Contribute to growth and a strong brand in close collaboration with the secretariat. 3) Be available for consultation with the management and key functions within the secretariat. 4) Inform the general assembly about goals and results. 

Following the vote at the Aktion Amazonas General Assembly on April 21, 2022, the board members are: 

Anders Hessellund - Chairman
Karin Nordlund -
Vice Chairman
Julia Garcia - Board Member
Thomas Lehmberg - Board Member


Aktion Amazonas's economy is based on membership fees, fundraising, donations, and applications for project assistance from CISU – Civil Society in Development, as well as other public funds and private corporate foundations. The financial year follows the calendar year and is presented in accordance with the provisions of the Annual Accounts Act, audited by an external auditor. 

Års- og insamlingsregnskaber

Aktion Amazonas' Privacy Policy

We process personal information and are committed to complying with the laws and principles of good data processing practices. Therefore, we have adopted a consent and privacy policy that briefly outlines how we process personal information, ensuring a legal and transparent treatment. 

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